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Tommy Yionoulis


E109 Tommy Yionoulis And Bonus Segment with Yelena Anter


Kip and Dan


May 2, 2022


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“You can reward the people that are doing great, you can coach the people that aren’t doing great, and you can get everybody on the same page.” – Tommy Yionoulis

“What makes our platform unique is we have an amazing business logic engine. We can do things that no other checklists app can do, from a logic perspective.” – Tommy Yionoulis

“We can see the data and use it to make better decisions, and that is the benefit of this whole thing.” – Tommy Yionoulis

“I built my early version of this 2008 webphone, where you could do an inspection. That was the beginning of the idea for OpsAnalitica.” – Tommy Yionoulis

“The biggest mistake the industry makes is that managers feel like they’re the only ones who can do the checklists. And that’s not right.” – Tommy Yionoulis

“There’s always that top 20% that are the most successful; they make 80% of the profits in the space. They are systems-driven, process-driven operators who pay attention to detail and then execute effortlessly.” – Tommy Yionoulis

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E109 Tommy Yionoulis And Bonus Segment with Yelena Anter

In this episode of the podcast, Tommy Yionoulis discusses the origins of OpsAnalitica and how it has changed the way businesses analyze data. Tommy Yionoulis chats with hosts Kip and Dan about how he started working in the hospitality industry as a teenager and randomly ended up as a stand-up comic. But he had a problem: he was not doing well at either of these jobs.

Tommy’s family was interested in technology all the way. He would often joke about being born in the back of a diner somewhere, but his family appreciated the value of education and hard work. He decided to go back to school to obtain his MBA, then got into analytics and data science.

After working for the franchise assistance division of Quizno’s during the 2008 economic crash, Tommy was tasked with repeating analytics techniques at multiple stores throughout the company. He learned how to use data to make better decisions and use his leadership skills to lead teams through challenging times. These skills led to the inception of OpsAnalitica, which quickly dominated the business management space.

Tommy goes into great detail about the inner workings of operations, analytics, and how it has improved businesses worldwide. Tommy explains that Ops is a critical part of any business because it’s responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. From hospitality to technology, Tommy has seen how companies of all sizes can benefit from their data-driven approach.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How OpsAnalitica digitized many tedious processes for business owners.
  • Why seeing your company’s data is vital to its success.
  • How you can use analytics to adjust budgeting, staffing, and more.
  • The importance of consistent procedures and checklists and how OpsAnalitica can help.
  • The new features and technologies from OpsAnalitica, including temperature monitoring.


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