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Episode 162 – The Team that Grew The Prospecting Show – Ryan Estes of Kitcaster


Dr. Connor Robertson


November 12, 2021


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“I realized there was a world of connection outside of my spectrum.” – Ryan Estes

“If I’m going to do something, it needs the potential to scale.” – Ryan Estes

“If you do six different things in podcasting, you do nothing.” – Ryan Estes

“We generate leads through social media, but we go on podcasts because we love it.” – Ryan Estes

“Being the best in the world comes down to craftsmanship.” -Ryan Estes

“The content of podcasts is very dynamic. You don’t have to start with an agenda.” – Dr. Connor Robertson

“Everybody wants more content, better content, faster content.” – Dr. Connor Robertson

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“The Team that Grew The Prospecting Show” The Prospecting Show w/ Ryan Estes of Kitcaster

In this episode of “The Prospecting Show,” Ryan Estes speaks with host Dr. Conner Robertson. Estes talks about his beginnings and how he created the company Kitcaster. It starts from his beginnings in music which led to his interest in podcasting. Eventually, his switch to a career and venture to business has led to much success.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ryan Estes’ journey as a musician to realizing his dream as a podcaster.
  • How he founded and grew Kitstarter to success.
  • The challenges of creating leads and monetizing a podcast.
  • What interested podcasters can do to stand out from the sea of content.

Good Question and Answer 1:

Dr. Connor Robertson:

You guys essentially built a business from zero. Tell us about how you decided to scale that? In podcasting, there’s production, booking, and the like. Why did you choose a booking agency?

Ryan Estes:

If I’m going to do something, it has to have the potential to scale out. When we’re looking at podcasts, there are a lot of moving parts. We considered podcast production, but you’re looking at a five to six-figure minimum budget. Then, you’ll also have to get many cooks in the kitchen. It’s difficult to scale.

You get heavily leveraged with a few clients. We wanted something that we could deliver. Before I started Kitcaster, I had a media and marketing agency that worked on business launches. It was about finding clients and working them through the brand. From there, I realized that productizing services was my kind of jam.

I wanted to put together something that people understand and give them a path to purchase. That is how you scale a business like this. We did something in podcasting, but we took a small piece we could communicate. If you do six different things, then you do nothing. You have no specialty.

However, when we’re clear, they’ll remember what they do. They understand us and move to a conversation of whether it’s a good fit.

Good Question and Answer 2:

Dr. Connor Robertson:

What is the direction you are thinking of going? Where do you think Kitcaster’s going to go? You guys are two years old, similar to us, and trying to grow. What’s the next move for you guys?

Ryan Estes:

Yeah, probably diversifying revenue streams. We’ve got the service down pretty well, and we’ll add a few more offerings. I’d like to get into entertainment. I’d like to connect with businesses in software or goods; a personal brand of brandy that wants to blow up?

The software is next. We’re working on a couple of tools we want to build internally. If these work, we can start thinking about licensing agreements.


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • The ideal customers you want to be on your podcast
  • Generating leads through other platforms
  • Going the extra mile with your service

Host / Podcast Bio:

Dr. Connor Robertson is a B2B prospecting specialist. He helps businesses scale through various platforms without the need for paid ads. In his podcast “The Prospecting Show,” he interviews professionals and business owners who excel in their field, hoping to reach their audience. 

Guest Bio:

Ryan Estes is the co-founder of the company Kitcaster. He helps entrepreneurs get spots on top podcast interviews. His company acts as a bridge, validating podcasts and ensuring top startup founders have their voices heard. He wants to share their stories with a wider audience through their podcast services.

Before Kitcaster, he operated a media and marketing agency for around ten years. It was during this time that he hosted “Talklaunch.” It was a top 100 iTunes podcast. Since then, he’s recorded over 300 interviews and has earned over $1 million through podcasting. He believes that it is a medium that entrepreneurs need to tap into to gain success.

Outside of work, he loves martial arts like capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is a married man with two kids and volunteers as a finance mentor.

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