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The Lucky Titan

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Ryan Estes


Master Your Story and Thrive. How to Use Conversation to Drive Results With Ryan Estes


Josh Tapp


April 10, 2022


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“Being on a podcast, having a podcast, listening to podcasts, they’re all fantastic sales tools.” -Josh Tapp

“You’re spending too much time showing your highlight reel. Start showing your fail videos. Everybody loves those. They’re highly relatable.” -Josh Tapp

“It’s not a problem to share your numbers and to brag about your accomplishments —as long as you don’t let it go to your head.” – Josh Tapp

“You climb a stair, and then you help the other person get up to that step with you. That person will probably go past you and carry you with them.” -Josh Tapp

“Go on a podcast and get curious about the host, and get to know the host, and ask questions to the host. It will throw them off, but it will produce a much more listened-to piece of content.” – Josh Tapp

“A question evoking a story produces a much better conversation.” – Josh Tapp

“If it sucks, you got a good lesson out of the deal.” -Josh Tapp

“It’s never a waste of my time to go on podcasts. It’s like a referral because you’ve built brand strength by just going on these shows.” -Josh Tapp

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Master Your Story and Thrive. How to Use Conversation to Drive Results With Ryan Estes

In this episode of “The Lucky Titan,” Ryan Estes deepens the podcast marketing conversation. The show, hosted by Josh Tapp, shares interviews with top entrepreneurs to help you learn how to shape and elevate your platform into your dream business. Estes speaks on the overall “why of podcasting” and his many techniques for helping you build out the multiple stories within your brand.

Estes’ company, Kitcaster, defines, discusses, and discovers your company’s potential by booking interviews on popular and niche podcasts for you. Kitcaster can also repurpose existing content into new, evergreen content so that you can stay on top of your brand. He tells us about the multitudes of stories your brand can deliver. Estes’s advice and techniques are crucial to staying present and setting yourself up for a meaningful career. Whether you’re recruiting or adding run-way, Estes’ advice helps you open up, develop, and maximize your message. The last tip is a can’t-miss.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Estes’ progression into leading PR companies for the podcast marketing industry.
  • How to turn chaotic energy into harmonious creative power.
  • How being honest with your history translates well into relatable brand stories.
  • The art of success, the science of comfortability, and reeling it back in.
  • The dangers of false humility, the importance of playfulness.
  • That practice and mastery beat perfection.
  • Finding fun, affecting balance, and making connections count.

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