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Ryan Estes


Kitcaster Podcast Growth with Ryan Estes


Athin Cassiotis


December 21, 2021


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“To get to a good idea, you have to go through a lot of bad ideas” – Ryan Estes

“There are no bad ideas because bad ideas lead to good ideas” – Ryan Estes

“One of the most dangerous things is for an entrepreneur to have some early success.” – Ryan Estes

“Mental health is really important to me.” – Ryan Estes

“Americans don’t like to take losses, but drugs won in the war on drugs.” – Ryan Estes

“We can’t wallow in our sorrows forever; we have to turn the corner on this.” – Ryan Estes

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Kitcaster Podcast Growth with Ryan Estes

In this episode of the Business Growth Show hosted by Athin Cassiotis, Ryan Estes is the guest speaker. The show focuses on the benefits of a podcast interview and how it can help grow a business through lead generation, product validation, and the creation of new opportunities. He also talks about the benefits of getting a podcast agent, which is his line of business. Estes’ company, Kitcaster, is a podcast booking agency that facilitates 1000s of extraordinary conversations. Given his podcast experience and agency, Estes also gave tips on how a podcast guest can hook the listeners’ attention in the first few minutes. He reiterates the importance of using their stories to keep people listening to them. 


In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Ryan Estes and his company
  • The benefits of podcasts, especially on the business side
  • How to leverage a podcast appearance
  • How to become better when guesting on a podcast show
  • How to manage remote work setup


Good Question & Answer 1:

Athin Cassiotis: How do you manage and prioritize your ideas to keep business moving forward at a good growth rate at the same time?

Ryan Estes: Entrepreneurs got lots of ideas. … There are no bad ideas because bad ideas lead to good ideas. … And if you want to get to a good idea, you have to go through a lot of bad ideas… So allowing you to have space for bad ideas is incredibly important. For me, there are three qualifying factors that I put through an idea to see if it deserves my time because I don’t have that much. You know, so for me, it has to be fun. If the project isn’t fun, I’m just not going to want to do it. And so I’ll kind of lollygag, you know, it has to be of service because I believe I was put here to make things a little bit better if I can. And third, it has to make money. 


Good Question & Answer 2:

Athin Cassiotis: What are you seeing as sort of what’s working? What’s not working in terms of potential other monetization strategies?

Ryan Estes: Leads are hard to come by with podcasts, largely because it’s hard to show attribution. But if you have high ticket value, then you understand that your sale is going to take a long time. So podcasts, giving people an opportunity to get to know who you are, help drive them to the position that you want. If people come to me and say, “Hey, all we want to do is lead,” I’m like, “Hey, man, we use Google ads for leads, you know. The best way to monetize your podcast is to create a large audience and advertise with brands that are interested in dominating a very competitive category.” 

So how do you grow a podcast to get a very large audience? It’s pretty difficult. A good way to do it is to have very insightful guests that can deliver a lot of value. Another one is just to have celebrities on the podcast. But the other side of that, which I think is really interesting, is having a very niche podcast that covers a very specific thing for one specific person. So if you can create an audience that is very trusting in what you have to say, because you’re addressing a very specific problem that they have, and share with a very few amount of people, these are people that you can sell to all day long. You know, and this is kind of the beauty I think of the podcast community, particularly in tech, SAS business categories.


Additional topics discussed:

  • Emotional Attraction 
    • Prioritizing the mental health of employees
  • Psychedelics and Psychedelic Drugs


Host/ Podcast Bio:

Athis Cassiotis is a business consultancy owner who is running his podcast, The Business Growth Show, at the same time. On “The Business Growth Show,” Athin Cassiotis discusses all aspects of business, why they are essential, and how they can be used for expansion. Hear from Athin and his guests, including entrepreneurs and celebrities, who share their secrets to success, as well as techniques that can lead to ultimate satisfaction in your life through business.


Guest Bio:

Ryan Ester is the creator of Kitcaster, a podcast booking firm that assists entrepreneurs in becoming guests on various podcasts. He’s also the host of Talklaunch, a podcast that has continuously been in the iTunes “Top 100.” He has also taped over 300 interviews, which have been downloaded over a quarter million times. He likes podcasting, and he thinks the medium has a lot of potential for businesses, according to him. His goal is to get the world’s best company founders on the best podcasts in the world so they can tell their stories to a larger audience.


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