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Ryan Estes


How to Book More Podcast Appearances


Matt Watson


October 27, 2021


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“The beautiful thing about podcasting is it’s built on a sense of reciprocity.” -Ryan Estes 

“The professional development that comes out of podcasting is extraordinary.” -Ryan Estes

“The ability to hook an audience: you gain that by sharing stories.” -Ryan Estes

“Podcasting should become a part of your workflow.” -Ryan Estes

“Podcasting can be impactful for your business, but it should be fun.” -Ryan Estes

“Everyone’s looking to differentiate their brand: the difference may be in the founder’s story.” -Ryan Estes

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“How to Book More Podcast Appearances” Startup Hustle w/ Ryan Estes


In this episode of “Startup Hustle,” Ryan Estes discusses with guest host Hernan Sias how to book more podcast appearances. He explains how Kitcaster.com, the podcast agency he co-founded, can benefit entrepreneurs, funded startup founders, and C-suite executives.

Ryan shares the story of how he grew over the years from an amateur podcaster to a professional podcaster. He motivates business-oriented people to maximize the possibilities of the thriving podcast platform.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ryan Estes’s journey from starting as a young podcast fan to ending up as the co-founder of Kitcaster in Denver, Colorado
  • How podcasting technology evolved over the years
  • How podcast guest appearances can boost the branding of businesses

Good Question & Answer 1:

Hernan Sias: How did you get into this space, Ryan? How did you start?

Ryan Estes: I got into podcasting 10 or 12 years ago… There was this great show… It was a recorded series of essays called “Field of Weeds”… written by this ex-pat Korean Zen monk… He published it as a podcast… I was able to download the episodes… I basically found a podcast for everything I was into at the time. Shortly thereafter, I started my own podcast, which was called “Eighth Grade Ball,”… And that kind of got me started.

Good Question & Answer 2:

Hernan: From a technological standpoint… walk me through the process of what it took to produce a podcast when you first got started compared to how you’re helping people today.

Ryan: When I first started, I had a good friend who had a recording studio. We’d make records there. I was like, “Hey man, you know those beautiful German microphones? Why don’t you set up five of them?… [Fast forward] to now, the microphone on our phones [are] incredible… Right there is a mobile recording studio. You can record it with the tools you already got… You can easily create a podcast and publish it in a couple of hours.

Good Question & Answer 3:

Hernan: How does a podcast help a business? How does it help create a brand for people?

Ryan: Now [at] Kitcaster, what we do is we book entrepreneurs on other people’s podcasts. So our clients are largely looking to… benefit from the hard work that’s gone into putting together these podcast shows. But the beautiful thing about podcasts is that it’s built on a sense of reciprocity, especially interview shows where essentially a guest will bring their expertise onto the show. In exchange for that, they will have access to the podcast’s audience.

Good Question and Answer 4:

Hernan: When you talk to people who are just getting started… what are some encouraging things you can help coach them through to help them get better at this [podcast] process?

Ryan: Don’t listen to it and don’t look at it… Chances are you’d be okay… If you can think about speaking in a way that an audio editor would love, or you have a complete sentence at the end of it… Get comfortable with being uncomfortable with it.

Good Question & Answer 5:

Hernan: How do you go about choosing the [podcast] shows?

Ryan: First… we always ask them, “What show would you like to be on…?” We start with their list… and say, “What are the attributes that make this podcast appealing to this person?” And then we flesh it out from there. We only book the top 10% podcasts globally.


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • How podcasting appearances are mutually advantageous for both the guest entrepreneur and the podcast host
  • Tips on how to become better at podcasting
  • How Kitcaster.com chooses the suitable podcast shows for entrepreneurs

Host / Podcast Bio:

Hernan Sias is the guest host of “Startup Hustle.” This podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs features real stories of startups and entrepreneurs. Hernan is also the regular host of the “Business Bros Podcast.” His experience building Pipeline Insurance and multiple businesses for over 17 years has inspired him to help other entrepreneurs improve their branding and marketing strategies.

Guest Bio:

Ryan Estes is the co-founder of the podcast agency Kitcaster. His mission is to share the motivational stories of the top startup founders in the world through podcast interviews. Ryan was also the host of the founder’s podcast Talklaunch. He has been the owner of a media and marketing agency for the past ten years.


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