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Ryan Estes


Ep 68 Podcasts: Finding Common Ground with Ryan Estes


Mandy Sawyer


November 23, 2021


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“Putting effort in the right place gets the desired result” – Ryan Estes

“If I had 10 hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend nine sharpening the blade.” – Ryan Estes

“Our culture has so many terrible flaws, inequities, inequalities, and we have these new, online tools that seem to make it worse.” – Ryan Estes

“Our mission is simple. We celebrate good conversation.” – Ryan Estes

“What I’m focusing on at the beginning is not always the most dramatic thing.” – Ryan Estes

“At the beginning, we set ourselves up for success by not biting off more than we can chew. Then we get the win.” – Ryan Estes

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“Finding Common Ground” Dream Big Kick Ass With Ryan Estes

In this episode of “Dream Big Kick Ass,” Ryan Estes speaks with host Mandy Sawyer. Ryan Estes reminisces about how he started podcasting and is now co-founding Kitcaster. He also talks about how he began his creative journey in Social Media Marketing business and transitioned to podcasting. Ryan Estes also shares his insights on the power of creativity and how it has helped him in his journey into podcasting.

Kitcaster books podcast interviews. They assist in promoting the interview to attract more listeners and increase its popularity. Even after the interview, they provide the audio and video on the company’s website, if one exists, or on social media platforms to further promote the company.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ryan’s journey in podcasting and how he started Kitcaster
  • How Kitcaster works with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, and C suite executives and small and medium business owners to book on a podcast interview
  • How can creative people benefit from Kitcaster by finding common ground with CEOs, senior-level executives, and topic experts that they may not have ever met before?
  • Ryan’s advice about creativity and putting it into practice for anyone looking for success in their career or wanting to connect with influential people where they work.

Good Question & Answer 1:

Mandy Sawyer: How does this podcast booking agency work? How does it pan out? How does that work?

Ryan Estes: We work almost exclusively with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, and C suite executives. And we book them on the world’s top podcasts. Probably what they all have in common is that these are Type-A insanely busy people. So our job is to kind of weave these podcast interviews into their work schedule. So to do that, we have kind of a three-step process. You know, one, we take a real deep dive into the audience they want to speak to and what they want to talk about, and ultimately, what are the outcomes you want to get from podcasting. Everybody wants more prospects, of course, some folks wish to help to recruit, and they’re using podcasts for that. Some folks are looking for the runway. So they’re looking for relationships with Angel investors, venture capitalists, and things like that. So we drill that down, we build their media kit, it’s the second step. And then the third step is just what we do every day, you know, is qualifying great podcasts, pitching them, working on the pre-production, and putting them essentially on podcast tour. So if our job is done well, it is, because I believe we’re the best in the world at this. Then our clients, all they need to do is open their calendar, click the link, and have a great conversation.

Good Question & Answer 2:

Mandy Sawyer: So is there any easy answer to those big questions of how do you get more listeners? And how do you monetize your podcast?

Ryan Estes: You can have affiliate sponsorship. So Kitcaster has, I think, probably 70 or 80 podcasts that we sponsor. Our affiliate sponsorship works basically by lead. So every podcast that we sponsor has its landing page, and if they share that, a lead comes through, we pay them a certain amount. If that lead becomes business for us, we pay them a much greater amount. So affiliate sponsorships, which are performance-based sponsorships, are fantastic for podcasts that are on their way up the podcast and find their niche speaking to their people. 


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Role of the podcast in the culture
  • How podcasting can help build relationships
  • Creativity and how to put it into practice for success in a career
  • What motivates and inspires Ryan Estes

Host / Podcast Bio:

Mandy Sawyer, an educator, and solopreneur are looking forward to hosting talks and doing interviews with people like you who are overcoming hurdles and taking action to reach their goals. Working on your growth attitude, whether through a side hustle or other means, is essential.

Guest Bio:

He is the founder of Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency, through which he has helped thousands of exceptional talks come to fruition. Ryan would like to speak about the role that podcasts may play in healing our wounded culture and the responsibility that comes with adopting ethical business practices. 

Kitcaster services more than 150 advertising agencies and is preparing to launch its first software product in 2021. Ryan is an expert in using podcasts for both meaning and profit. He has published several books on the subject.

Ryan has a social media following of more than 10,000 people, and he is delighted to be able to share your episode with them!

Ryan is a creative entrepreneur as well as a husband, father, musician, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

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