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Ryan Estes


Ryan Estes gets REAL about helping busy entrepreneurs book top podcast interviews!


Travis Huff


February 3, 2022


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“The more you do for you, the more you can do for others.” – Travis Huff

“I love being a dad. It’s one of the biggest blessings you could ever experience in this life.” – Travis Huff

“You have this moment that will help you in other aspects of your life and everywhere.” Travis Huff

“This life is so blessed to be able to transition your passion into paying the bills.” – Travis Huff

“Your story is a craft. It’s a skill.” – Travis Huff

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“Ryan Estes Gets Real About Help Busy Entrepreneurs Book Top Podcast” Be Real Show With Ryan Estes 

In this episode of “Be Real Show,” Ryan Estes speaks with Travis Huff. Ryan discusses how busy entrepreneurs can book top podcast interviews. Ryan has successfully worked with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, C-suite executives, and marketing consultants, who are experts in their fields. They also talked about some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and how Ryan and his team successfully step in to help busy people get their message out there and build an audience.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Podcasting as an opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts who want to get their message out there.
  • Issues that busy people face when it comes to marketing their product or service.
  • How Ryan and his team successfully step in to provide their service as products that can help busy people get their message out there and build an audience.
  • How targeted mailing lists, email campaigns, and audio scripts can successfully launch and run a podcast campaign.


Good Question & Answer 1:

Travis Huff:

And so it’s just part of the process to think of some of these clients maybe don’t understand that in a lot of other things. It’s immediate. Immediacy, like I run some Google ads, it immediately sends traffic to my website, spiked up, blah, blah, blah. In this, it’s different, because it’s just a long-tail process of, would you kind of how do you explain that to them?

Ryan Estes:

We are really diving into the outcomes they want. Because there are ways that we can facilitate the outcomes they’re looking for. And then there’s also unexpected outcomes that they’re not even expecting, you know, one of those is just like the personal development of learning how to speak to somebody for an audience, you know, it’s a nuanced skill, right? You know, a lot of folks maybe they’ve got experience in like, public speaking, that’s a lot different. It’s a lot more formal; there’s maybe more rehearsing, you know, you got to look a little bit better than with podcasting, except for you. Because you are beautiful, I mean, you know, so in podcasting, what you’ll find is that, like, particularly, if you’re kind of, you’re going to represent your brand, you’re going to represent your product, you’re very passionate about it, but you walk this line of like, who am I as a person? How do I relate to an audience as a person? And how do I welcome them into what the topics are? Like the product that I’m working on? You know, it’s a nuanced and kind of difficult thing, especially in the beginning, because what people will find is that big emotions come up. You know, Travis, you’ve been doing this a long time, you know, what I’m saying? So like you behind a mic is very natural in the commander seat, but like, you know, if you start going on the people’s podcast, it’ll have this novel, feeling like there’s something that comes up, and you’re like, Whoa, you know, absolutely different,


Good Question & Answer 2:

Travis Huff:

You got a beautiful soul, my dude. Is there a book that sticks to your soul? Is there a book that has changed your life that you reread, or do you just kind of keep at your heart?

Ryan Estes:

There’s a great book called The Tibetan Book of the yoga of sleep. And I love this book because it scared the crap out of me. It’s amazing because the Tibetans have these, like great technologies and techniques for discovering the terrain of your mind. And they’ve been at this for so long that it’s very detailed, you know, and so they have all these techniques for sleep. And like different techniques you use when you’re asleep. And you know, you wake up, let’s say four times during the night typically, you know, oftentimes, it’s so you don’t even remember that you woke up you just kind of change changed positions. Yeah. Yeah. But they do some technique, and they do a little technique yet. Find kind of like, you know, lucid dreaming if you wanted to do that, and this and that. And what freaked me out so much about this book is this guy was like, he’s like, Yeah, you know, I become lucid in REM sleep, which is like you’re dreaming and stuff, so he could kind of have maneuverability with his dreams, but there’s another, you know, there’s dreamless deep sleep, which they call Turia, which is essentially just nothing. There is no dreaming happening. It’s just still, but you can develop conscious awareness in this space. And so what he does is he goes into Dreamful sleep in, finds his meditation cushion and starts meditating, goes into a career, and still holds meditation. And it freaked me out. Because I was like, Oh my God, there’s no escape, right? My brain is the like, you know, fractal limit recipes set up just like consciousness developing.  It freaked me out, man, so I kind of quit my whole practice for like a year after that.


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Business is based on relationships and reciprocity
  • Resources, tools, and other things to implement in business and make it better.


Host / Podcast Bio:

Travis Huff is a driven professional with more than 15 years of broadcast media and social media management experience under his belt. He sincerely believes that real-time social media is the future of marketing/advertising, public relations, and customer service! The majority of firms are unfamiliar with these platforms and lack the necessary time to devote to their campaign websites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). New social media platforms combine with your existing marketing efforts and help you build a digital word-of-mouth campaign.


Guest Bio:

Ryan Estes is the founder of Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency, through which he has helped thousands of exceptional talks come to fruition. Ryan would like to speak about the role that podcasts may play in healing our wounded culture and the responsibility of adopting ethical business practices.


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