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Richard White


Efficiency, Workflows, and Processes with Richard White


Elizabeth Frederick


December 6, 2021


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“Only about 15% of calls are noteworthy.” -Richard White

“One of my guiding lights in product development is to make sure I design products that don’t require diligence.” -Richard White

“I’d rather have a lightweight process rather than a very heavyweight process that’s more thorough but requires diligence.” -Richard White

“This is how you lobby a product: You don’t. You let the users do it for you.” -Richard White

“All these products are coming out that are very ‘integrations-first.’”  -Richard White

“How do we think about the role of sales in product-led growth companies?” -Richard White

 “We want fewer tools, and we want to make sure our reps get as much value out of them as we do as managers.” -Richard White

“My goal is to control the output as opposed to an enablement mindset.” -Richard White

“Everyone thinks the worst thing you could do with feedback is say no to it. But the worst thing you could do is ignore it.” -Richard White

“People like hearing no almost as much as they like hearing yes, as long as you tell them why.” -Richard White



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