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Richard White


Richard White: Getting into Y-Combinator, Starting 2 Startups, and the Cold Email that Changed His Career (#52)


Cody Loughlin


September 6, 2021


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“Most of my successes are from joining something inclusive. Most of my struggles are from when I was said, ‘I’m going to go this alone.’” -Richard White

“Finding someone else who is as passionate about the same problem space is one of the hardest things about finding co-founders.” -Richard White

“Fundraising is like a mini-game inside a video game–a side quest you have to do–that has completely different mechanics than actually building the company.” -Richard White 

“In some ways, Y Combinator acts like a union where the smartest people in startups can collectively bargain.” -Richard White

“You don’t necessarily need a built product, but rather exhibit that you really understand the problem space.” -Richard White

 “I was less interested in having a singular voice from one investor. I wanted to build a diversity of perspectives.” -Richard White

 “Getting the attention of smart people to poke holes in your product and your business is one of the most important things you can do, and fundraising is a great process for that.” -Richard White

“Monetization is hard, and you should think about it early on. But to try to grow and monetize at the same time? It’s hard enough just to grow.” -Richard White

“Monetization always slows down growth. I’d much rather have high growth and no monetization.” -Richard White

“I want to build products that are magical rather than things that require diligence.” -Richard White

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