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The Way of Product Design

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Richard White


“How to turn research insights into actionable decisions” Richard White, CEO and Founder of Fathom


Caden Damiano


May 9, 2022


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“Every start-up I’ve founded is to solve a problem I had a previous start-up.” -Rich White

“When there’s a time-sensitive workflow in a product, it’s a huge advantage having someone on the team who understands design principles.” -Rich White

“It’s not just about the boxes and arrows – it’s about making sure you understand the problem space and the perspective of your user really well.” – Rich White

“There’s a balance between making a product that is feature-rich while maintaining a low-complexity, intuitive experience.” -Rich White

“Having the shared context of user feedback is helpful in aligning a multi-person design or product team.” -Rich White

“Any good remote-first company focuses on asynchronous content delivery.” -Rich White

“We want our media as a snack, not as a three-course meal.” -Rich White

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