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Richard White


+1,200% User Growth in under 12 months. Viral Growth Hacks with serial founder/CEO of Fathom, Richard White


Ryan Staley


August 14, 2022


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“We focus on real-time recording and real-time transcription.” – Rich White

“Marketplace opportunities open up very rarely. You have to run, not walk towards jumping on them.”- Rich White

“I liked the zero to one phase. I love building new products.” – Rich White

“Taking hundreds of notes and trying to communicate that back to the team. That was painful. And this is a big problem that more than just I have.” – Rich White

“We want any sales rep at any company to be able to go up to the top of the website, immediately get value, start using it, experiencing it, love it, and share it with their team.” – Rich White

“Let’s make sure we build a product that they naturally come back to and use over and over.” – Rich White

“In the venture world, it’s better to not do a thing than to do it poorly.” – Rich White

“Our virality looks more like an annuity.” – Rich White

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