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Richard White


Make Them Love You with Richard White and Fathom


Jarie Bolander


Aug 22, 2022


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Everything I’ve worked on in my career has solved a problem that I had.”- Rich White

“I think one of the hardest things about starting is that you don’t know anyone.”- Rich White

“We raised 100k for the entire first year. I couch surfed, didn’t have an apartment, all that young business stuff.”- Rich White

“If you’re going to address a technical issue, you need to get after it fast.” – Rich White

“This time around, we started with a team of five of us, and we started paying salaries from day one.”– Rich White

“Thoughts about products just come pretty naturally. It’s my default setting.”– Rich White

“If you’re going to launch, make a splash. First impressions need to be great.”– Rich White

“I think my product needs to work, first and foremost, and then it needs to be usable.”– Rich White

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