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The Business of Intuition

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Richard White


Richard White: Optimizing Impact through Zoom


Dean Newlund


July 5, 2022


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“What I’ve seen the best remote companies do is be very intentional about creating ambient streams of information about what’s happening with the business.” – Rich White

“I always ask, does this need to be a meeting? Or is there a way that we can asynchronously share this content?”- Rich White

“Asynchronous things are way less taxing than synchronous things.” – Rich White

“People can consume meetings whenever it makes sense for them.” – Rich White

“T-shaped entrepreneur is this idea that you have a little bit of knowledge across all disciplines and then you are super deep in one area.” – Rich White

“Note-taking is terrible for the notetaker and also terrible for the consumer.”- Rich White

We’re all on a bunch of Zoom calls. There has to be a better way for us to do them, not be stressed out about them, and be able to relax, have a conversation and not worry about missing something”– Rich White

“How, as an organization, do we all sing from the same song sheet? How do we all have a shared reality that we can then make decisions from?”– Rich White

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