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Richard White


62. Richard White: CEO and Founder of Fathom talks on creating SaaS products, relationships, and raising money


Ryan Atkinson


Sep 19, 2022


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“Reddit was started in the same room at same time, which was cool.” –Rich White

“We were very attuned to customer feedback. We’re constantly trying to solicit user feedback.” –Rich White

“Fathom is an antidote to having to take notes while you’re on a zoom call.” –Rich White

“Most of the startups I’ve worked on are to solve a problem that I’ve had myself.” –Rich White

“I generally like things where the software is uniquely qualified to solve the problem.” –Rich White

“We intentionally built a great relationship with Zoom.” –Rich White

“ I only build business products with a consumer level of polish and usability.” –Rich White

“Fathom is more like an orchestration app, where we’re taking a lot of things that you could do manually and make it really fast.” –Rich White

“There’s no sense in monetizing a product if you can’t retain people.” –Rich White

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