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Richard White


E42 Taking Zoom meetings like a pro with Fathom (YC W21) founder Richard White


Erasmus Elsner


Aug 12, 2022


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“A well-written, clearly personalized, thoughtful cold outreach email goes a long way.” – Rich White

“I am thankful that this random chain of events led me to work with other default entrepreneurs.”- Rich White

“I always ask myself at the end of every year if I am uniquely qualified to lead this company and if this company is uniquely qualified to teach me something.” – Rich White

“When I hear something interesting on a call, because of Fathom, my brain has been trained to go click that big button in the right corner.”- Rich White

“Would I trade platform risk for distribution risk? Hell yeah, I would.” – Rich White

“With Fathom I always went back to trying to speed run; how do we do all the things faster?” – Rich White

“When it comes to various start tactics, by the time there are books written about it, or it’s in lots of blog posts, it’s no longer the right thing to do.”  – Rich White

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