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Richard White


How Do You Help Remote Sales Teams Work More Efficiently with Richard White


John Golden


January 17, 2022


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“With Fathom, you can focus on having a conversation without trying to be court reporters or stenographers at the same time.” – Richard White

“Real-time collaboration with your team opens powerful ways to surprise customers and the sales process.” – Richard White

“The way a customer says something is as important as what they say.” – Richard White

“We’re heading in the direction of virtual meetings as the dominant sales modality.” – Richard White

“Enabling teams to have a singular view of the front line is crucial in making sure we’re all seeing the same song sheet.” – Richard White

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  How Do You Help Remote Sales Teams Work More Efficiently With Richard White In this episode of Sales Pop! Purveyors of Prosperity, host John Golden, speaks with Richard White about how to help remote sales teams to work more efficiently. Specifically, Richard discusses his app Fathom and how it helps remote sales teams take better notes during Zoom calls. From how it was developed to what he thinks the future holds for the virtual meeting space, Richard White gives his thoughts and insights on how the past two years have changed how we sell and reach out to prospects.   In this episode, you will learn:
  • The original idea and the inspiration behind Fathom.
  • The challenge of good note-taking in face-to-face and virtual contexts. 
  • How Fathom works and helps remote sales teams.
  • What the future holds for products like Fathom
  Good Question & Answer 1: John Golden: How can you help remote sales teams work more efficiently? What was the original idea behind this app? What and where did you have the idea for Fathom? Richard White: Fathom actually came from problems. I have had a bunch of Zoom calls. At the beginning of last year, I was on about 300 Zoom calls. In the first six weeks of the year, we were doing a big push from my last company. I don’t know about you, but when I’m talking with someone, and they have to stop to type up my notes, I like to stop talking. My brain can’t do both at the same time, and that’s pretty stressful. Also, one of my struggles with our remote sales team was getting them to write good notes. Even with the best notes from my team, I’m still left with the same question I’ve asked myself – “I get what’s happening, but what did they actually say?” Fathom has started to solve all those problems because now when we’re all on Zoom, we just record the call and take those snippets. Now, we can focus on having a conversation and not trying to be court reporters or stenographers at the same time. Good Question & Answer 2: John Golden: So, can you explain the app a little bit more? Can you explain how it’s easy to integrate into the natural flow of the meeting you’re having? Richard White: So, like I said, it’s a free app. You download it and plug the app inside of your Zoom. So, when you start the call, Fathom starts recording. It runs the recording and transcribes the call in real-time, and we can customize a set of tags for you. Instead of keeping your hands on the keyboard and typing your notes, you can just click whenever you hear something important. What’s really cool is after the call, we give you instant access to the entire call recording. After the call is over, you can instantly jump back to that part of the call you think is important. We’ll also do all the data. We will automatically create the meeting in your CRM. We’ll put in the call summary and the links to the clips. We’ll get it to your manager, Slack, and CRM.  What we’re trying to do is take out a lot of the legwork of getting all these things in the right places. Generally, after an hour of meetings, there are many follow-up tasks. The other half of what Fathom does is get reps to focus on the unique things. With Fathom, we can be humans that are just conversations, asking the right questions, and not dealing with administrivia that often goes around it. I think there’s been kind of the same call recording software for a while, but some of them are really expensive. I think what they were trying was to make it easily accessible for everyone with a free product. It’s also about knowing what parts of the call are important and noteworthy. What’s really interesting is now, we have a system like that. The way our app works, you can just click a button when you hear something noteworthy and then flag that part of the call. So, you can jump back to it because no one wants to re-watch an entire call, right?   Additional topics discussed:
  • Managing and coaching virtual teams
  • Issues and challenges people have had with virtual selling
  • The future of virtual meeting space and for products like Fathom
Host/Podcast Bio: John Golden is a widely known marketing and sales thought leader, strategist, and speaker. He is also the best-selling author of the book “Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories.Golden also wrote another Amazon bestseller entitled “Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling.” He is the host of Sales POP! Podcast, having conducted more than 350 video interviews for the online sales magazine. John Golden also serves as the CSMO at the Pipeliner CRM. Guest Bio: Richard White is the CEO and founder of Fathom. It’s an AI note-taking app that works with Zoom. He is also the founder of UserVoice and has more than a decade of entrepreneurship experience. He is now far from the kid selling PlayStation cheat codes and being part of Cambridge’s first batch of YCombinator in 2005 with Fathom as his recent venture this 2021. It’s thanks to Fathom that sales teams and anyone using Zoom can take notes with just a click. Today, Richard considers himself an engineer turned designer, a jack of all trades. Resources and links mentioned in the show: https://fathom.video/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/rrwhite/ https://twitter.com/richard_white1

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