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Richard White


217: Advanced Remote Environment Tips – with Richard White


Matt Wolach


June 21, 2022


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“We’re in this fun period of riding the mechanical bull. Our team’s working overtime, making sure systems stay up as we grow and scale.” – Rich White

“I love a conversation with a customer or prospect. It’s like detective work: What challenges do they have? What can we solve?” – Rich White

“It’s a hack to solve a problem you have yourself that a larger group of people also happen to have.” – Rich White

“I use a strategy that I call working back to front. Focus on retention first and acquisition last.” – Rich White

“When you figure out go-to-market, that informs product, which informs onboarding.” – Rich White

“​​Meetings are great when you want to discuss something once everyone has context. They’re terrible when we’re using the meeting to get context.” – Rich White

“The biggest thing we see people run into is a fear of asking, ‘Can I record this call?’” – Rich White

“I’m still shocked by how many companies do customer care very poorly.” – Rich White

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