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REALLY Know Your Customer

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Richard White


Season #1, Episode #45: Creating Transparency In Customer Conversations With Richard White


Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh


March 7, 2022


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“Let the humans do what they’re good at, and let the machines do what they’re good at.” – Richard White

“Companies have hemispheres: the corporate brain and the engineers, and there’s a choke point in between that needs to be addressed.” – Richard White

“In sales, you have to overcorrect.” – Richard White

“With remote-first companies, you have to build great asynchronous communication channels.” – Richard White

“I feel like I’m living more and more of the science fiction books from my youth.” – Richard White

“The next big evolution is when we will no longer have a human in the middle of training telling us what things are.” – Richard White

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