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Richard White


Richard White


Allison K. Summers


June 15, 2022


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“I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life working on two businesses centered around the voice of the customer.” – Rich White

“Every year for about 10 years, I’ve asked myself two questions at the end of the year: Was I uniquely qualified to lead this company? And is this company uniquely qualified to teach me something?” – Rich White

“It’s a huge advantage in this day and age to be not only fully remote but fully remote and capable of being multi-timezone.” – Rich White

“One of the challenges in your first startup is that you don’t know all the levers to pull.” – Rich White

“In my first startup, I would have been hesitant to do something crazy. But this time around, crazy is good. It’s means it’s differentiated.” – Rich White

“I had high conviction that this was going to work. And we’re going to scale it quickly. So let’s not waste time. Let’s go fast.” – Rich White

“Go build a business for 10 years, and then take the best people you work with and hire them. That’s my hack to moving fast. It’s not really replicable.” – Rich White

“I’m hyperproductive on an airplane because there’s nothing else you can do.” – Rich White

“Something gets lost in translation when we try to go from a face-to-face interaction with a customer to a textual representation of that.” – Rich White

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