Podcast Content Studio

Product Tour

Welcome to the Podcast Content Studio 🎉

Hey, I’m Ryan; I’ll give you a quick tour. (see the video above :point_up_2:)

The Content Studio is designed to take your podcast interviews and create world-class evergreen marketing assets, and we make it super easy.

All you got to do is go to the homepage, click GET STARTED, submit your payment, and then we will prompt you to add your podcast link for the particular episode.
From there, we’re going to do three specific things.
  1. We will create great artwork for your podcast to socialize on all your favorite platforms.
  2. We will create memorable quotes from the words that we pulled from your podcast interview.
  3. And we’re going to make SEO keyword-rich blog posts you can use on your website.
Frankly, we designed this service because we know how hard it is to sit down and create content.
But having a conversation is much easier.

All you need to do is have a great podcast conversation, send us the audio, and we’ll do the rest.

First off, all of your content will be password protected. Add your password, and you will be sent to the directory of your podcast episodes in chronological order.

You can specify if you want your artwork square or longwise. And then here are the quotes.

The quotes are edited for brevity and can be copied to your clip-board at the click of a button.

So we find some, a good podcast quotes for you. We put it here at this point, you could just click on this and you copied it straight to your copy and paste key. So you could paste it in. If you want this artwork and these quotes to create a Cadillac representation on LinkedIn. Perfect. If you want to use it on any other social channels, fantastic.

Integrated into other content you’re working on. It’s all designed to be super easy for you. And then we have here is the summary. So based on your SEO keywords, we’re going to create a blog post specifically from that episode to talk about what you said in the episode, also tie in the quotes, but really use it as a strategic opportunity to create keyword density, blog posts for your website.

Podcasts interviews. If you’re doing multiple of these a month, they add up quick and add great SEO juice to your website. So same kind of thing. Here’s the blog post. We link all of the tools and resources you mentioned in the podcast interview information about the bio, some great questions. And all you’ve got to do right here is just click the copy and paste key and paste that straight into your website or content builder.

I hope that answered a couple of questions. Of course, you can always reach out to us, to the little chat bot in the corner. Appreciate the time and really look forward to converting some podcast content for you. Thanks so much.