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Emily Jillette


Ep 185 Emily Jillette on Philanthropy, and Balancing a Life with Purpose


Eric Wright


Aug 9, 2021


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“I was able to work so well with [Penn], to capitalize on his presence and sort of be the tap dancer next to him.” – Emily Jillette

“I try to help as much as I can just because I hope someday someone helps me that way.” – Emily Jillette

“I thrive on being busy. Relaxing is not a thing that I do.” – Emily Jillette

“Whenever there is a problem, I love it. It’s a challenge for me to solve. I guess that’s part of how I keep busy.” – Emily Jillette

“Most projects, if not all that I’ve been brought onto, have been to help others, so I’m really fighting for them to get their vision and not inserting mine.” – Emily Jillette

I am so fine with people who want to add a gold star to their Facebook page or they want to be seen with a celebrity, or they want a tax deduction. I’ll take your money, I’ll take your time, I’ll take your notoriety.” – Emily Jillette

“We have to accept all charity for what somebody has to give because it’s not mandatory. It’s what we do because we want to.” – Emily Jillette

“We’re all coming out of this incredible time of solitude, and I just think that helping others is going to help the giver more than it ever has before.” – Emily Jillette

“You don’t know what’s going to be the turning point when it comes to education. You just have to spark somebody into understanding loving education.” – Emily Jillette

“You might have a problem with tax laws, but you don’t actually have a problem with what billionaires are doing.” – Emily Jillette

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