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Nate Joens


629 Conversational AI For Lead Nurturing with Nate Joens @ Structurely


Chris Kalaboukis


July 20, 2022


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“We’ve had millions of conversations, and 99.9% of our leads believe they are talking to a human.” – Nate Joens

“We empathize, especially in big purchases. The last thing that someone wants is to feel like they’re talking to a bot.” – Nate Joens

“We also have the ability for people to send many leads to us that we bring back to life. We say, ‘Hey, I know you’ve been on our site in the past, and we wanted to see if you’re still interested in doing something.’” – Nate Joens

“All our customers can completely customize their scripts through our product, as well. Typically, they trust us to be the experts because we can see millions of conversations and see what is working and what isn’t.” – Nate Joens

“We keep hitting them until they respond. We do the long-term follow-up as well because people give up too quickly.” – Nate Joens

“We make their lives easier because they can take on more leads. Their lives are more enjoyable because they don’t have to cold call 500 leads a day.” – Nate Joens

“At Structurely, our vision is to make salespeople more productive.” – Nate Joens

“We’re seeing the benefits of having a lot of data. We can scale nicely and have the means to do so.” – Nate Joens

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In this episode of Think Future, Nate Joens discusses his AI lead generation program, Structurely. Nate created Structurely as a tool for real estate agents to quickly find leads. He found that most agents spent hours manually searching websites and social media platforms to start a lead conversation. Nate’s solution was to create a system that could automatically scan all of these platforms (and more) and find the best leads for an agent’s business.

As a college student, Nate Joens saw the value in real estate investment but had no money to invest. After shadowing numerous real estate agents, Nate saw that getting solid leads was the biggest burden for agents. He realized that if he could develop an AI capable of doing the mundane work of lead generation and initial contact, he could help agents grow their businesses by freeing them up to focus on what they do best: closing deals.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Structurely learned to mimic human conversations
  • The value in automated lead generation
  • How AI can be implemented to assist human workers
  • Future plans for Structurely


Nate shared his experience working with real estate agents and how they often relied on their own personal networks to generate leads. He explains how Structurely has built a system that allows agents to access leads electronically, which can then be used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Nate explains how call centers are costly and inefficient lead generation solutions. Nate also mentions the need for an AI-based solution in the insurance and prop tech fields. Nate shares how important it is for artificial intelligence to have empathy since moving is often the result of a big event.


Additional topics discussed:

  • How chatbots have evolved
  • Why Structurely does not make phone calls
  • How CRM software and Structurely complement each other


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