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The Real Market With Chris Rising

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Nate Joens


Nate Joens, Co-Founder and Head of Innovation of Structurely


Chris Rising


July 5, 2022


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“Every business has leads, and they probably aren’t converting as many as they wish. That’s what we do.” – Nate Joens

“Call centers have been around for years. The employees are getting told no and a lot worse for eight hours a day, and it’s not efficient.” – Nate Joens

“It is paramount that the conversations are extremely lifelike because of how important these investment purchases are.” – Nate Joens

“We see about a 60 to 65% response rate over time. Once they respond, we chase them up to 52 times over a year until they do respond.” – Nate Joens

“AI is here to reduce the mundane tasks that humans do. People don’t like sitting in call centers and being told no a million times for the rest of their life.” – Nate Joens

“AI is not here to replace anyone. It’s here to augment our lives and help us focus on more creative things.” – Nate Joens

“I think remote is here to stay to a degree. I believe, though, that humans are cyclical. We are going to go through a cycle where it’s fun to live in the city and go to the office again.” – Nate Joens

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In this episode of The Real Market, host Chris Rising speaks with Nate Joens. Joens is the creator of Structurely, a conversational artificial intelligence made to generate leads for real estate agents. He also talks about his experience with entrepreneurship and offers advice on how others can get in on the action.

Nate has a background in urban planning and geographic information systems (GIS). He started Structurely as a way to get into real estate investment without initial capital. Now, he’s a successful investor who can focus on other aspects of the business he loves.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How AI can augment human behavior
  • The difficulty in creating a realistic conversational AI
  • Structurely’s transition to remote work and its benefits
  • Current and upcoming partnerships
  • How Structurely has made real estate investing more accessible


Nate joins Chris to discuss the role AI will play in the future of business and how it’s changing the way agents generate leads. He talks about what he’s learned from working with artificial intelligence. Nate and his team noticed the importance of small humanistic traits, like spelling mistakes, in increasing response rates.

Joens shares how the company decided to go completely remote and how it has led to more employee-focused retreats. Nate discusses Structurely’s partnerships, including HubSpot and Salesforce.


Additional topics discussed:

  • Tips for making AI seem human-like
  • Other fields that AI can be applied to
  • The future of artificial intelligence and how to incorporate it
  • Staying connected with remote employees

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