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Nate Joens


Conversational AI Can Help You Generate More Qualified Leads? – with Nate Joens – EP 161


Jeff Pfitzer


April 12, 2022


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“Your job as a founder or business owner is to replace yourself as you scale and let others who are more qualified and experienced lead your business to a higher level.” – Nate Joens

“Most sales agents give up after the 4th or 5th attempt, but most conversions happen from the 6th to the 8th. AI follows through as long as possible to convert leads into buyers.” – Nate Joens

“The best salespeople get to a NO. If you’ve not heard a NO from your prospect, it’s up to you to follow up.” – Nate Joens

“Our goal from day one was for our product to be indistinguishable from a human.” – Nate Joens

“Call centers are not scalable, enjoyable, or consistent. Technology solves all three of those things.” – Nate Joens

“There’s a ton of neglected gold in your database that Structurely works through.” – Nate Joens

“Conversational AI in this industry needs to be intelligent and empathetic since real estate is such a big purchase.” – Nate Joens

“Consistency is key. Humans are inconsistent in following up with leads.” – Nate Joens

“There’s a ton of neglected gold in your database that Structurely works through.” – Nate Joens

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How Conversational AI Can Help You Generate More Qualified Leads
In this episode of the Lab Coat Agents, Jeff welcomes Nate Joens, Co-Founder & Innovation Lead at Structurely, to shed more light on what AI is and how it’s transforming the real estate market for the better. While most people are afraid that AI will replace humans, Nate says that AI complements how real estate agents and companies work by increasing consistency in their marketing and lead nurturing funnels, which ultimately increase conversions while lowering customer acquisition costs.
In this episode, you will learn:
  • What exactly is AI
  • Why AI isn’t replacing humans but is, instead, complementing how humans work and increasing productivity
  • Why you need AI and how you can deploy it to boost consistency and grow your bottom line through lead qualification and lead generation
Good Question and Answer 1:
Jeff Pfitzer: Inside sales is an essential component of any real estate business. However, it’s a painful part of the game that most real estate agents dread. How does AI such as Structurely solve that? And is it replacing humans?
Nate Joens: Conversational AI typically does what an ISA does but better – more consistently. If you’re not doing the follow-up chasing or don’t have someone to follow up on leads, it’s on you. You can’t just let leads fall off the cracks because chasing leads is not your thing.
Inside Sales Agents (ISA) have one of the most challenging jobs in the real estate market, and often, most don’t even like the job. Still, someone has to cold-call those leads and prospects and follow up consistently to convert them into buyers.
Conversational AI like
Structurley takes over what ISAs hate – warming the cold leads, following up consistently, and setting up appointments. By the time an ISA needs to jump into the conversation, the lead is warm and ready to convert into a buyer.
Good Question and Answer 2:
Jeff Pfitzer: When it comes to real estate businesses taking up Structurely, what do you hear from the ground? What are your customers saying?
Nate Joens: Our biggest customers say our conversational AI makes their ISA teams more efficient. As a result, they’re buying more leads and running the leads through the funnel quicker. It’s more efficient, and the results are realized much faster than if the ISAs were doing it independently.
On the other hand, our smaller customers, including sole agents without the budget or volume to hire an ISA, are opting to use Structurely to augment their efforts, then hiring an ISA later after our AI has increased their lead qualification and sales volume significantly.
One of the best upsides we’ve seen with the AI is that you can stop generating new leads and would possibly still make as much as you do a month by focusing on your existing prospects. Our product helps you optimize and work the tons of neglected leads in your database.
Additional Topics Discussed:
  • Only a third of sales teams spend time selling. The rest of the time is spent creating something from sales funnels to writing contracts, among other mundane tasks. AI is the best way to ensure you’re selling throughout.
  • Salesforce statistics about salespeople and sales teams
  • How you can try to break an AI before investing in one to complement your sales efforts

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