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Nate Joens


Nate Joens, Structurely – AI Application That is Nearly Human


Paul Apostolakis, Salvatore Cusumano, Brad Weissgerber


March 30, 2022


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“Having really lifelike conversations is paramount.” – Nate Joens

“Buying a home is a huge investment. You want to be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.” – Nate Joens

“Empathy can be hard for humans to get right, but it’s essential to have.” – Nate Joens

“I would probably say it’s the conversation quality – that’s what makes us different from other professions.” – Nate Joens

“I think the ability to connect with people on a human level is what’s going to make us successful in the long run.” – Nate Joens

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“Nate Joens, Structurely – AI Application That is Nearly Human”

In this episode, Nate Joens shares his journey from wanting to invest in real estate but lacking the necessary funds to eventually starting his own company that is now assisting others in the industry. He talks about how their company is changing the real estate landscape by making it easier for agents to connect with potential clients and provide them with more information. It’s an insightful episode that gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how an AI application is helping to shape the future of the real estate industry.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The expansion of the real estate sector has been steady.
  • What Nate Joens and his colleagues did to change the course of their lives as they sought to convert more leads into clients by developing an AI application.
  • How artificial intelligence is helping agents convert more leads into clients. 
  • What sets Structurely apart from other real estate AI applications. 
  • How human interaction is still necessary for the real estate industry, even with AI applications.


Good Question & Answer 1:

Paul Apostle: Basically, my thing is, how do you guys get better? Right? How do you improve every day?

Nate Joens: Yeah, yeah, it’s a really good question. Like I said earlier, we have a human-in-the-loop team who constantly reviews our conversations in real-time for basically quality, quality assurance. And what they’re doing, there is a small subset of all of our conversations, and they’re hand labeling. So I always kind of have to give my little spiel about there’s no such thing as self-learning AI because there’s always someone who’s taught the AI at some point. And that’s what our team is doing by constantly reviewing conversations. They’re picking out things that the AI did, right or wrong. They’re saying this was good, this was bad. And there’s a whole kind of field of study in machine learning called reinforcement learning, which is exactly that you did good or you did bad. And that’s the type of things that we’re doing with our product.


Good Question & Answer 2:

Paul Apostle: What sets you apart from other similar companies doing the same thing?

Nate Joens: Yeah, again, I would probably say it’s the, it’s the conversation quality, that’s what sets us apart. We’ve all kind of experienced the really bad chatbots that make people like us close our PayPal accounts. So I would say that that’s just something that we can’t, that’s just unaffordable in real estate, or mortgage or leasing. You can’t have a conversation that goes south. And I’m not saying that we’ve never had a bad conversation, but we are constantly reviewing them for the best quality. But it’s just the conversation quality when it comes down to it, which sounds really easy. And it’s kind of seen objections, and it handles objections, it can kind of, you know, handle conversations just like an experienced veteran.


Additional topics discussed:

  • The percentage of leads that Structurely can convert into clients.
  • CRM software and how it helps agents manage their leads.
  • Dashboard tools that help agents see the results of their conversations with leads.
  • Prices for Structurely’s services.

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