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Consistent and Predictable Income for Real Estate Agents

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Nate Joens


Technology Breakthrough – Convert Your Leads With AI


Dan Rochon


July 7, 2022


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“You don’t have to chase those leads that don’t want to hear from you. You can focus on high-quality leads. It’s like sifting dirt for gold.” – Nate Joens

“We are focused on conversational artificial intelligence, which is powered by natural language processing. A computer can interpret, understand, and respond to leads.” – Nate Joens

“The big challenge that we’ve seen in the last five years is humans are hard to understand. It’s difficult to mimic a human.” – Nate Joens

“Of the 5 million or so conversations we’ve seen to date, 99.9% actually believe they’re talking to a human.” – Nate Joens

“We’re going to solve this problem of lead follow-up for you, but not with humans like the call center that has been around for 20 plus years.” – Nate Joens

“Our next stage of growth for a conversational AI product is we want our conversations to feel like they’re better than a 20-year sales veteran.” – Nate Joens

“You would not believe some of the things that people have said to our product. They’re hilarious, sad, funny, crazy…” – Nate Joens

“We’ve trained the AI to look for objections but also know when to give up. You never want to push too far.” – Nate Joens

“Bring on a board of directors or board of advisors. One of the best things that we did was bring in a board of people who founded multiple public companies and scaled businesses.” – Nate Joens

“You have to be very aware. You have to be honest with yourself from the beginning to say my goal is actually to take these hats off, not to keep wearing them forever.” – Nate Joens

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In this episode of The Consistent and Predictable Income podcast, Nate Joens discusses the artificial intelligence he created and its many uses. Nate started Structurely, a conversational AI made for generating real estate leads. He talks about how he was able to invent this program and why it’s essential for real estate agents to have an automated solution like Structurely. He also explains how his new software will take the guesswork out of lead generation.

Nate shares how Structurely works, why it’s different from other lead generation tools, and why he thinks it will be so successful. In addition to the standard lead generation tools in the real estate industry, Structurely provides agents with automated messaging that helps close deals faster than ever before. While some agents may be worried about the threat of automation, Nate has a different perspective.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The process of digitizing human speech
  • How conversational AI can save time and money
  • Tips Nate learned as he grew his business
  • Knowing how to delegate roles in a business
  • How Nate found his team to create Structurely


Nate speaks highly of his board of experts, who have helped him build Structurely into what it is today. He recommends every business do the same because it helps with knowledge, advice, and objectivity. Nate uses his employees and board of experts to allocate the different tasks within Structurely.

Nate wanted to create a system that would allow real estate agents to have consistent leads without relying on call centers. Nate has seen great success with this model and looks forward to continuing to grow Structurely’s reach further into other markets.


Additional topics discussed:

  • The value of a board of directors
  • Teaching AI to perfect and balance their sales techniques
  • How AI can augment human work
  • How Nate started with real estate investing

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