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Marcus Olson


Focus On The Value That You Can Deliver with Marcus Olson


Phil Burgess


Aug 21, 2022


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“Ultimately, technology needs to serve a goal.” -Marcus Olson

“If you do what you love, the money will follow. If you do it long enough, more money will follow.” -Marcus Olson

“We’re seeing a shift, year over year, of the importance of the IT department in helping drive success for companies.” -Marcus Olson

“Do it for an exceptionally long time, and be authentic while you’re doing it.” -Marcus Olson

If at any moment you feel like you’ve succeeded, you should be concerned.”-Marcus Olson

We love working for companies that are growing. It’s an adventure for us.”-Marcus Olson

You can’t slack on things. You have to be prepared every day, because opportunities are incredibly rare.”-Marcus Olson

You want technology that you grow into, as opposed to technology you grow out of.”-Marcus Olson

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