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Marcus Olson


How this bootstrapped provider hit $36M in revenue, with Marcus Olson


Dave Sobel


September 17, 2022


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“I felt consulting would be needed more as technology became more available to these small to medium-sized businesses.”- Marcus Olson

“If you’re going to go into the market, and you’re going be different, then you need to focus on lowering the barrier of entry.”- Marcus Olson

“Focus all of your effort and money on delivering results that are worth talking about.”- Marcus Olson

“I invest in people, not ideas, and that’s something you learn as you work with investors.”- Marcus Olson

“Pretty soon, we had hundreds of users. That’s what allowed me to hire better talent and pay them better.”- Marcus Olson

The definition of infrastructure has changed. A lot of what we see as infrastructure today is connecting apps and moving data.”Marcus Olson

“I just kept picking up this amazing talent, and they would deliver amazing results.”Marcus Olson

“We had a product that allowed us to bring revenue in that wasn’t tied to labor, which allowed us to then reinvest in that product.”Marcus Olson

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