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The First Lady of Nutrition

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Dr. Lonnie Herman


The Body Whisperer – Episode 120: Dr. Lonnie Herman


Ann Louise Gittleman


July 20, 2022


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All diseases caused by chronic hidden infections and toxic chemicals are produced in the body due to inflammation.” – Dr. Lonnie Herman

The cells of the body have their own frequencies, and the same goes for the viruses.” – Dr. Lonnie Herman

We can take that liver from a weak state to a strong state by finding the offending agent, infection, or chemical” Dr. Lonnie Herman

We’re able to measure with the body, a stress response.” Dr. Lonnie Herman

Everything that’s caused by Lyme was caused by heavy metals” – Dr. Lonnie Herman

We have to be able to use a very precise method of analyzing the body and finding something that truly works.” Dr. Lonnie Herman

We’ve got to be able to look at the body and listen to the body whisper.” – Dr. Lonnie Herman

When somebody comes back to me for an exam, I’m able to test that individual tissue where we found the infection or chemical, and I can tell that the infection or chemical is gone” Dr. Lonnie Herman

We’re able to pinpoint exactly which infection or chemicals are specifically in which tissue, and make the frequency of that infection or that chemical in that part of the body.” – Dr. Lonnie Herman

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