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Julie Perkins


Julie Perkins – Wyseminds | Cam & Otis Show Ep. #291


Camden and Otis


September 29, 2023


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“Once I could really understand my personal purpose and values. I felt that I slowed the world down.” – Julie Perkins

“You have to lead yourself before you can lead others.” – Julie Perkins

“Failure stories are precious and priceless.” – Julie Perkins

“When they’re speaking through their company, and it’s just beautifully clear. People listen then.” – Julie Perkins

“We forget to let go of what no longer serves, including our own role.” – Julie Perkins

“The hardest question an entrepreneur can ask themself is – ‘do I still love what I do?’” – Julie Perkins

“If you ever want to see a team working in a diverse way, walk into a startup, because there is no hierarchy. The only thing you have is values and a belief. It’s pure, and it’s beautiful.” – Julie Perkins

“I work with entrepreneurs on value-based recruitment to have the conversation about values more than skill. And that goes for partnerships as well.” – Julie Perkins

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