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Resilience Unravelled

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Julie Perkins


Julie Perkins – Passion Into Purpose


Dr. Russell Thackeray


August 27, 2023


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“I support female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a more seamless way.” – Julie Perkins

“In times of real struggle, the greatest learning is to go back to yourself, and how you build back yourself in order to be able to face that resilience.” – Julie Perkins

“When you start to build a company around yourself, you’re slowly building a cave around you.” – Julie Perkins

“We worked so hard to ensure that what we believe comes true that we forget about ourselves, we forget about the impact that we’re having on others or the situation.” – Julie Perkins

“Who am I? What do I believe? And how can I translate that into the company that I work with?” – Julie Perkins

“Your passion and your willingness will get you so far.” – Julie Perkins

“The space between yourself and the purpose of your organization is where the magic happens.” – Julie Perkins

“From an early stage, if you get people used to making themselves redundant on a regular basis, then they’ll naturally do it when it is time to move on.” – Julie Perkins

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