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Julie Perkins


Julie Perkins: Learning the Impact of Letting Go


Lisa Tilstra


October 10, 2023


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“That’s a big part before we even begin to grow the business. It’s so important to understand what your values mean to you in all roles in your life.” – Julie Perkins

“You should be pushing the unknown occasionally. And I hadn’t done it for a long time. And it was a blast.” – Julie Perkins

“I think as we go towards unity, which is very important in purpose-led organizations, you have to be able to look at challenges and opportunities as one.” – Julie Perkins

“What took you to where you are isn’t going to be what will take you further.” – Julie Perkins

“I say to entrepreneurs, you are unique, your business is unique, but the way businesses grow is not.” – Julie Perkins

“I think there’s this beautiful thing about knowing yourself and just setting that time aside but not being rigid with it. Just do what’s being asked of you for yourself.” – Julie Perkins

“Those small things that really sort of reminded me of the role that we play, you know? In being aware of what we can do for others during our time. They don’t have to be big things.” – Julie Perkins

“We never want to lose a great idea. And women, more often than not, have companies that benefit society, as in health and well-being and these very important things in today’s society.” – Julie Perkins

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