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Julie Perkins


Always Make Room For The Best Parts To Come with Julie Perkins


Stephanie Martinez Rivera


May 23, 2023


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“When you come from an entrepreneurial family, they’re never referred to as failures. They’re trials, which I think is a very healthy way of looking at it.” – Julie Perkins

“I look back, and I wouldn’t change a thing in my career or anything like that. I’m very blessed in that way.” – Julie Perkins

“When you know who you are, it gives you the power to put the essence of you into your business.” – Julie Perkins

“When you define your values and your gift, it’s easier to be present.” – Julie Perkins

“One of the big challenges I get when people come to me is that everyone thinks their problem is unique. You and your business are unique, but the way companies grow is not.” – Julie Perkins

“Growing businesses should be joyful.” – Julie Perkins

 “Once you understand where you’re going, you know who to seek to be a part of it.” – Julie Perkins

“We should talk with shorter sentences and greater curiosity.” – Julie Perkins

“Don’t hurry the process. Enjoy it day by day as you build it.” – Julie Perkins

“How do you make the change in your community, whatever your community is?” – Julie Perkins

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Julie Perkins: Nurturing Joyful Business Growth through Self-Awareness

In this episode of Joy Found Here, host Stephanie Martinez Rivera had the pleasure of speaking with Julie Perkins, a remarkable entrepreneur who has embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Join them as they delve into Julie’s insights on self-awareness, values-driven business, and the art of joyful growth.


Defining Values and Skills for Present Work

One of the key takeaways from this conversation with Julie is the importance of defining our values and skills to be fully present in our work. By understanding ourselves on a deeper level, we can align our passions with our business endeavours, enabling us to thrive in our chosen path.


Assessing Your Role and Making Yourself Redundant

Entrepreneurs must constantly assess their role in their businesses and strive to make themselves redundant. By doing so, they can position themselves on a new wave of growth, fostering innovation and allowing their businesses to flourish even further.


Female Entrepreneurs and Early Maturity

Female entrepreneurs often exhibit early maturity in their businesses, which can inadvertently limit their growth. Julie emphasises the need to address this issue, as it holds back brilliant ideas from reaching the community. By ensuring a longer runway of business growth, we can empower female entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential.


Translating Values into Company Culture

Understanding our own values and effectively translating them into our company’s values is a vital aspect of entrepreneurial success. Julie passionately advocates for aligning personal and business values, creating a harmonious environment where both thrive and support each other.


Simplifying for Joyful Business Growth

To achieve joyful business growth, it is crucial to simplify and let go of things that no longer serve the business. This includes shedding outdated strategies and, at times, parting ways with team members who are no longer aligned with the company’s direction. By doing so, entrepreneurs can pave the way for new opportunities and fresh perspectives.


The Power of Vision Statements

Julie encourages entrepreneurs to focus on their vision statements as a means of gaining clarity and eliminating unnecessary strategies. This exercise helps streamline efforts, ensuring that every action aligns with the overarching purpose and direction of the business.


Leaving Space for Reflection and Growth

While staying present is essential, it is equally important to leave room for reflection and exploration beyond the daily tasks. By carving out this valuable space, entrepreneurs can foster personal and professional growth, nurturing their creativity and allowing new ideas to flourish.


Communicating with Confidence and Clarity

Communicating what you do with confidence and clarity is another important aspect of entrepreneurial success. Julie highlights that authentic and natural communication attracts others to your vision, making it easier for like-minded individuals to join your cause and contribute to its realisation.


Accepting Lack of Control and Being Present

Julie learned a valuable lesson during her cancer treatment – the realisation that control is an illusion. For female business owners, accepting this truth and staying present in the moment is vital. By embracing the uncertainty, they can navigate challenges with grace and resilience, focusing on what truly matters.


In this captivating episode of Joy Found Here, Stephanie Martinez Rivera and Julie Perkins shed light on the transformative power of self-awareness, values-driven entrepreneurship, and joyful business growth.



Why You Should Listen to this Podcast:

Join host Stephanie Martinez Rivera as she engages in a captivating conversation with Julie Perkins, a remarkable entrepreneur on a journey of self-discovery. Gain valuable insights on self-awareness, values-driven business, and the art of joyful growth, and discover the transformative power these elements hold for entrepreneurs seeking meaningful success.

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