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Julie Perkins


Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #201 Julie Perkins Empowering Young Entrepreneurs


Craig Johns


August 31, 2023


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“There isn’t failure, there’s just, ‘How can we do better?’” – Julie Perkins

“My father taught me to always look to the customer five years in advance.” – Julie Perkins

“You’ve got to understand the human behavior you’re trying to solve. Humans will always be a part of it.” – Julie Perkins

“There’s nothing worse than a process that can make you feel like a part of something, not as an individual.” – Julie Perkins

“What is that customer journey? What are they feeling? What do they want? And where does digitalization really matter?” – Julie Perkins

“This way of looking at the world, and wanting to be a part of its change, opens up entrepreneurship in a very strong way.” – Julie Perkins

 “People normally find me when they’ve lost the fun and love in what they’re doing.” – Julie Perkins

“Entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats, but I always say, ‘Put your hat on first.’” – Julie Perkins

“Decide who you are and try to be consistent with it.” – Julie Perkins

“Learning to be patient, wanting to explode with fear inside, and having to portray that in a way that you can take people with you was my greatest leadership challenge.” – Julie Perkins

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