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Julie Perkins


An Entrepreneur, Purpose-led Coach, & Founder of Wyseminds, now supports female entrepreneurs to find purpose-led growth on their own terms by eliminating the complexity and concentrating on the best course of action for progress. (Julie Perkins)


Grow a Small Business Podcast


July 30, 2023


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“The greatest piece of advice I give is to make yourself redundant from the position you’re in now.” – Julie Perkins

“Early governance is important, but make it work for you, your stakeholders, and your finance.” – Julie Perkins

“You don’t need people now. You just need to know people when you need them.” – Julie Perkins

“Associate yourself with others in your same industry by making a very specific niche for yourself. Who are you? What do you believe? And how do you position? Be very clear about what you do and who you support.” – Julie Perkins

“When I first started helping other entrepreneurs, I realized that even though I’ve had a great career, passing on that information, helping others and uplifting others, is just what I simply love doing.” – Julie Perkins

“Keeping to purpose, keeping values and looking wider at the company when you’re dealing with problems is a very important thing to do.” – Julie Perkins

“During my morning routine I’ve got to read at least a chapter of a book, or listen to a podcast. There’s got to be some learning in it.” – Julie Perkins

“I believe there’s not one way of growing yourself or a business. You’ve got to keep yourself fresh with different viewpoints to make sure you don’t become fixed in your mindset.” – Julie Perkins

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