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Julie Perkins


The Power of Letting Go with Julie Perkins of Wyseminds


James Johnson


August 1, 2023


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“A recession is an opportunity.” – Julie Perkins

“Founders fear letting go because they think they’ll lose it. And it’s not about delegating. It’s about having a shared purpose and trusting those people can be the best that they can be towards that shared purpose.” – Julie Perkins

“I have had a coach in my life for as long as I can remember. I think that’s a very important part for a founder.” – Julie Perkins

“The question is not about doing what I love. But it’s, have I let go? And is it time to make myself redundant from that position?” – Julie Perkins

“As an entrepreneur life is like a roller coaster.” – Julie Perkins

“You have to make yourself redundant, which sounds harsh, but as a founder, you have to keep moving.” – Julie Perkins

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