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Julie Perkins


Steps to Building a High-Performance Business


Jess Dewell


May 4, 2023


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Unleashing Your High Performance: Insights from Julie Perkins on the Bold Business Podcast

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of personal and professional growth? Today, we shine a spotlight on a recent episode of the Bold Business Podcast hosted by Jess Dewell. The episode features Julie Perkins, Founder of Wyseminds, Erik Holmberg, President at Nauvatis Coaching, and Chris Michel, Founder of Coach Chris Consulting. Let’s delve into the wisdom shared by Julie Perkins and discover how their insights can fuel your journey towards high performance.


Learning from Failure and Defining Success:

One of the central messages Julie emphasises is the importance of introspection and self-reflection. She highlights the importance of acknowledging failures and successes. By prioritising self-discovery, we can choose the knowledge we want to carry forward. This journey of self-awareness forms the foundation for unlocking our high-performance potential.


Unique Strengths and Purpose-Driven Impact:

Julie and the other panellists stress the profound impact of aligning what makes us unique with the desired impact we want to make in the world. Identifying our strengths and understanding what truly drives us empowers us to craft a customised definition of high performance for our businesses. Once this definition is established, we gain a powerful tool that enables us to navigate failure, external circumstances beyond our control, and even the often unexpected challenges of success.


Finding Your “Why” and Routine for Fulfilment:

Julie also dives into finding one’s “why” and how it can serve as a driving force behind high performance. Understanding the deeper purpose and meaning behind our work fuels motivation and helps us stay focused despite challenges. She shares insights into her routine for fulfilment, emphasising the importance of aligning daily actions with personal values and goals. Individuals can cultivate a sense of fulfilment that fuels their high-performance journey by creating a routine that nurtures personal and professional growth.


Effective Communication and Leadership:

Communication within teams and overall is a critical factor in creating high-performance environments. Julie talks about the importance of clarity in communication, empowering our teams with the confidence to act, adapt, and iterate. By fostering a culture of open and effective communication, leaders can cultivate empathy, connection, and trust, essential ingredients for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Confidence vs. Arrogance:

During the discussion, the panellists touch upon the fine line between confidence and arrogance. Julie emphasises the importance of leaders exhibiting confidence while remaining open to feedback and input from their team members. It’s crucial to balance assertiveness and humility, creating an environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected. True high performance is not achieved through ego-driven leadership but through fostering collaboration, trust, and a growth mindset.


Importance of a Soulful Work Environment for High-Performing Teams:

Julie and the panellists highlight creating a soulful work environment that nurtures high-performing teams. By acknowledging and embracing individual differences, organisations can tap into their team members’ diverse strengths and perspectives. Creating a culture of inclusivity, where everyone feels valued and heard, fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation—essential ingredients for high performance.


Julie’s Experience:

Drawing from her own experience, Julie shares how high-performing teams matter the most when we don’t have control over everything and when times are challenging. She reflects on her early failures in establishing a high-performance culture but learned from those mistakes and sought the guidance of individuals who had a deeper understanding. One of her most significant learnings was creating a consistent environment. Previously, celebrating success resulted in a disconnected culture where people only felt good when things were going well. Julie realised the need to redefine what they were celebrating and brought together the company’s 1200 employees to contribute to the purpose.


The entire environment and culture changed by focusing on the purpose measure, which was the likelihood of customers returning in two years. Julie firmly believes that learning from failure, listening to others, and celebrating purpose is vital in creating a unified and high-performing work environment.


Encouraging Conversation and Learning for Success and Impact:

In conclusion, the Bold Business Podcast, hosted by Jess Dewell, provides a platform for engaging in thought-provoking conversations and learning from seasoned professionals like Julie Perkins, Erik Holmberg, and Chris Michel. Their insights on learning from failure, defining success individually, effective communication, and creating high-performing teams offer valuable guidance for individuals and organisations striving for excellence.



Why You Should Listen to this Podcast:

Discover the transformative power of personal and professional growth in this episode of the Bold Business Podcast featuring Julie Perkins, Founder of Wyseminds. With an emphasis on self-reflection, finding purpose, effective communication, and creating a soulful work environment, Julie’s insights and experiences provide invaluable guidance for unlocking high-performance potential and fostering success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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