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Jon Darbyshire


164. An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on the Future of Work


Brad Hairston


May 26, 2022


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“We’re trying to fill the void between a project and a real high-end process inside of a single platform.” – Jon Darbyshire

“We gave our employees three days off per year to get involved in their local community. That was just part of our overall plan.” – Jon Darbyshire

“That’s really what ESG is all about today; helping keep people involved.” – Jon Darbyshire

“Inside our core platform, we spent a lot of time interviewing and discussing mainly with millennials. There is a stark difference between a 38-year-old and a 45-year-old when it comes to those platforms.” – Jon Darbyshire

“The technology has caught up with us being able to work from home in a way that you feel like employees are still getting things done.” – Jon Darbyshire

“We didn’t expect to be so international so fast, but the technology allowed us to do that.” – Jon Darbyshire

“What people began to understand through COVID was work-life balance. Having the chance to work from home and interact with their families and be closer together and still get their job done was interesting for them.” – Jon Darbyshire

“When employees are given radical flexibility over where, when, and how much they work, more than half of them say that their performance is dramatically higher than it is in traditional nine to five jobs in the same location.” – Jon Darbyshire

“Now, instead of traveling to customers, we may do five video calls a day. Before, we could only visit with one customer because we had to get on a plane to travel somewhere.” – Jon Darbyshire

“We helped a lot of entrepreneurs launch their businesses or think about how to launch businesses. Some of those may be underserved, underprivileged people who had not had the opportunity to start their own business before.” – Jon Darbyshire

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In this episode of Transform Now, host Brad Hairston discusses the future of remote work with Jon Darbyshire, creator of SmartSuite. SmartSuite is a collaborative work management program aiming to create an accessible and effective communication, productivity, and project management platform.

SmartSuite helps organizations automate their business processes by getting everyone on the same page—even when they are in different locations or using multiple devices. Jon’s software allows them to collaborate more effectively with colleagues and customers through workflow automation, case management tools, and notifications across multiple channels.

Jon shares his insights on how he has achieved so much success in his career. He also shares his tips on starting a company from scratch, including what motivates him most about being an entrepreneur. Jon speaks about how companies need to invest in their employees by providing opportunities to grow as individuals and professionals.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jon’s primary focus and direction as a work management software CEO has been influenced by the future of remote and telecommuting work
  • What SmartSuite is and everything it offers
  • How human-machine interactions affect the pace of the automation and artificial intelligence revolution
  • Why Jon sees community involvement as a necessity for his business


Jon Darbyshire talks about the rise of remote work and how he got involved. He explains how he started working for other companies and learning from them before starting his own. He also discusses what types of companies are suited for hiring remote workers and why they would want to do this instead of hiring someone locally.


Additional topics discussed:

  • How mass resignations have affected employers
  • Which advances in technology are having the most significant impact on the future of work
  • How Jon noticed gaps in the business management system and what he did to solve them
  • How Jon transitioned from consulting to software development


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