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Jim Kraus


Targeting Your Audience with Buyer Personas: Strategies for Success.


Mark Evans


Apr 26, 2023


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“The other place, which is really a valuable place to go, is to talk to recent buyers who have recently made the exact same buying decision that you’re trying to influence.” – Jim Kraus

“You want to take your buyer persona a step further. You want to understand more than just the person. You want to understand the ins and outs of the actual buying decision that they are making.” – Jim Kraus

“How can you make buyers feel as good as possible, that they’re making a really good decision? That’s what they want.” – Jim Kraus

“If you don’t think that buyers have some trepidation, you’re mistaken.” – Jim Kraus

“A buyer persona tells you everything that you need to know to figure out where you best meet buyers, where they are, what kinds of things they need to know and experience to have full confidence in you.” – Jim Kraus

“The intersection of those two things is your sweet spot, right? Because now you’ve got two things going for you. A, you know that buyers really want and need it, and B, you know, you’ve got a great story to tell.” – Jim Kraus

“I think a better indicator is qualified leads and conversion rate. Those are the metrics that I would focus on the most from a softer perspective.” – Jim Kraus

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