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Jeremy Pollack


How to Become a Peacemaker (with Jeremy Pollack)


Mark Divine


July 18, 2022


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My mom led me into martial arts when I was about 10 or 11 years old. That became a large part of life throughout my childhood and then throughout my life.” –Jeremy Pollack

I was interested in conflict. Specifically,  I wanted to learn some more practical techniques. So, I got a master’s in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.” –Jeremy Pollack

When you’re doing peacebuilding work, people’s emotions will be high” Jeremy Pollack

If a true warrior respects the fist, he knows the consequences, all the potential consequences of violence, and so he or she tries to avoid it.” Jeremy Pollack

“It’s kind of like couples counseling, mixed with individual coaching in a program. For instance, we have two or three individuals not getting along we come in, and we do upfront coaching with each person to figure out what the issue is, and how to resolve it.” Jeremy Pollack

“Each organization has its own kind of subculture, they need to just decide what their values are, and what kind of culture they want to build.” Jeremy Pollack

The idea of inclusivity is very important. It’s one of the core aspects that we focus on in a workplace we want to create an inclusive culture” Jeremy Pollack

Whenever we’re talking about conflict resolution, I generally think of cognitive solution as being in two buckets. The first bucket has to come before the second, the first bucket is always care, the second bucket is solution.” –Jeremy Pollack

“Conflict resolution is about being able to solve an acute problem, whereas Conflict Transformation recognizes that there are presenting problems that could be resolved.” –Jeremy Pollack

This model of peaceful leadership, talks about the three core pillars of socio-cultural elements that need to be established in an organization to really create a sense of peace, and productivity and organization.” –Jeremy Pollack

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