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Jeremy Pollack


Dr. Jeremy Pollack


Dr. Drew


July 14, 2022


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I always try to track my journey back to being a martial artist.” –Jeremy Pollack

Conflict resolution is all is all about communication.” –Jeremy Pollack

Conflict is not a bad thing, necessarily. It’s a catalyst for change, for growth, for innovation.” –Jeremy Pollack

They don’t have a clear methodology in mind to solve whatever problem they’re trying to solve. It always ends up poorly” –Jeremy Pollack

Because we are trained in conflict, resolution, and communication, we can we can talk it out” –Jeremy Pollack

There is a possibility that we that if we start to change our rhetoric, and we stop listening to the media, there’s a possibility that we might be able to start forgetting about race” –Jeremy Pollack

We work in so many different industries, and so many different small medical offices, and all the way up to multi 1000 person global business” –Jeremy Pollack

“Once they believe something, it’s hard to get them to change their minds. That’s the thing I like about the scientific method, it’s all about changing our minds when the data supports it.” –Jeremy Pollack

“A lot of times, they need us to facilitate large conversations around strategy because they’re getting a lot into a lot of conflict in this conversation” –Jeremy Pollack

“If someone’s doing something that’s bothering you, or you don’t like their behavior, the most important thing is to communicate that to them and communicate that in a way where you’re not demonizing them.” –Jeremy Pollack

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