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Jeffrey McKinnon


Jeff McKinnon – Website Design Innovations – the.com


Mark Savant


August 1, 2022


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“​​My dad was an entrepreneur as well.  Because he worked from home, my brother and I, who co-founded the company with me, we both had little businesses like that.”Jeffery McKinnon

My brother and I love Kanye West. We love one of his main lyrics. He says: “I never take advice from people less successful than me.” So I think that’s number one that we live by. You tend to get a ton of advice from people who are not working as hard or trying as hard as you.”- Jeffery McKinnon

There’s a lot of things that you have to internalize and have confidence towards in your vision.” – Jeffery McKinnon

“The reason that the data first approach is so important for those people is that they’re able to take what they’ve built in the past and reuse it.”- Jeffery McKinnon

We build the blocks to effectively track and see when they get manipulated like NFT’s so we can track the original ownership of that”- Jeffery McKinnon

We want all the benefits that “the.com” offers, we want to be able to take sections of our site and give it to new customers that sign up”Jeffery McKinnon

We didn’t go offshore with any of our development. Everything is built by people we were close with during our marketing and web design agency.”- Jeffery McKinnon

We are a remote company, but we have two offices people come to all the time. I think there’s nothing that can do the kind of brainstorming and innovation that happens in person.”Jeffery McKinnon

“To create a huge business, you need people that believe in you as well as the monetary side of it in order.”- Jeffery McKinnon

“When it’s all put together, it looks very complicated. When you can parse it out in this table format, it’s much more understandable.”- Jeffery McKinnon

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