Record Video for Your Podcast Guest Interviews

Want to get the MOST out of your podcast guest appearances? This video shows you how to record your own high-quality audio and video, independent of the host’s setup. This lets you create awesome snippets and trailers before the podcast even airs!

Why do this?

  • Better video: Capture yourself looking great, perfect for repurposing as stand-alone video content.
  • Faster content: Skip the wait and create clips/trailers while the podcast is still cooking.
  • Boost the podcast: Share your clips and tag the host to help them promote the episode.

How to do it:

  1. Use independent recording: Invest in a good audio/video setup (check the show notes for recommendations).
  2. Record alongside the host: While they use their usual platform (Riverside, Zoom, etc.), you record on your own.
  3. Repurpose & share: Edit and publish your clips/trailers before or after the podcast episode airs.

Bonus: Be sure to tag the host and mention the upcoming episode. Most hosts love this free promo!

Quick & Easy Recording with QuickTime (Mac):

  1. Open QuickTime and choose “File” > “New Movie Recording.”
  2. Select the camera you want to use (not your laptop cam, ideally!).
  3. Choose “High” for quality (4K without storage overload).
  4. Use your internal microphone or a separate one (choose in the audio settings).
  5. Hit “Record” when the podcast starts, stop when it ends.

Voila! You have your own recording to repurpose freely!

Want more advanced options? Check the show notes for links to OBS and other tools.

Record video in QuickTime

Record video in Windows

Record video in OBS

Microphone Recommendations

Kitcaster Recommended Podcast Microphone Package ~ $800

Audio Signal Path

This is our microphone and accessory recommendations for capturing world-class audio for podcast interviews. An excellent choice for studio, home, or office.

Camera Recommendations

Kitcaster Recommended Podcast Camera Package ~ $1400.00

Video Signal Path

This is our camera and accessory recommendations for capturing world-class video for podcast interviews and content repurposing on social media. An excellent choice for studio, home, or office.

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