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Eric Wright


Episode 10 – Eric Wright from DiscoPosse


Brandy Whalen


June 1, 2022


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“The more I did this, the more I really started to become good at unpacking somebody’s story, that maybe they didn’t even know they had.” – Eric Wright

“As a podcaster, as an interviewer, it’s my responsibility to make it [interview] different from the last 10 they’ve done” – Eric Wright

“I want them to see this as a meaningful conversation that really helps unpack something that they would be proud to share” – Eric Wright

“A computer can’t tell you the story. What’s missing is the eyebrows” – Eric Wright

“The goal of the conversation in the interview has always been to let them be free and comfortable; that it’s their story being told.” – Eric Wright

“A culture is the sense of belonging, and the ability to fail safely” – Eric Wright

“I’m not fast, I’m not strong, I’m not intelligent, but I’m willing to do stuff that most people are not, and it makes me appear as though I’m fast, strong, and intelligent.” – Eric Wright

“I’m willing to listen, learn, and do stuff that’s uncomfortable for far longer than most people are willing to do it.” – Eric Wright

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The Art of The Podcast with Eric Wright, Founder of, and Host of the Disco Posse Podcast and Self-professed Tech Evangelist.

In this episode of Hosted, Eric Wright, a celebrated tech enthusiast, comes on the show and is hosted by Brandy Whalen. The episode sounds like a get-together of two close friends, with how they are already aware of what is going on with each other. That closeness is what makes it easy to listen to, as there are no jitters from either one, and the interviewee is not taking time to lift his protections to just be free. 

In this podcast, Eric Wright draws a clear picture of how he got started with podcasting, where he got the idea for his name and why he did so. You also get to hear great tips on how exactly he gets his guests to be themselves on the show, despite the caginess that comes with interviews.


In this episode, Eric Wright expounds on;

  • How he came up with the podcast’s name
  • The thing that made him start podcasting
  • What led him to double down on his craft
  • The people he emulates in his craft, and what he has learned from them.
  • How he has grown as an interviewer
  • The challenges he has faced during his interviews
  • The solutions he stumbled upon and innovated to help grow his craft
  • What drives him, gets him out of bed in the morning, and hopes to achieve. 


Eric’s journey, though particular to him, is heavily replicated, if only one decides to stick to what they see working. Here is someone who started a podcast under the brand of the company he works for. Things didn’t go as he had hoped, and they shelved the idea. However, on inspection at a later date, he found out that indeed, there is a demographic for this type of content. 

This discovery led him down a path many have attempted before, but very few have stuck around to see how it goes. He picked up the podcast to do it privately, and although it has taken quite some time and a lot of learning, it is now a thriving podcast. 

The ups and downs of stepping into something you have no idea how to do, are interesting. It’s also wonderful to see where passion and drive can take someone when they decide to give a particular thing the attention it deserves. 

The advice Eric gives on starting a podcast and the tips on interviewing guests and drawing them out of their shells are a gem to someone searching for similar advice. 

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