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Heather Wickman


[EP68] Are You Ready To Step Into Your True Calling? | Heather Hanson Wickman


Trevor Turnbull


Aug 22, 2022


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β€œShe calls it her spiritual awakening, but I call it my corporate crisis.” – Heather Wickman

β€œBuilding businesses through relationships, that’s my natural way of being.” Heather Wickman

β€œI fought the medicine all three ceremonies; I couldn’t get through my own mind.” – Heather Wickman

β€œI’m finding more and more that these horses are just incredible, walking shamans.” – Heather Wickman

β€œYou need a peak experience to really accelerate your growth.” Heather Wickman

β€œI have such deep gratitude for plant medicines.” – Heather Wickman

β€œSomething is shifting pretty dramatically in terms of how you’re showing up in the world, and we want some.” Heather Wickman

β€œYou’re faced with parts of your life that you don’t want, and your shadows.” – Heather Wickman

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