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Beyond Rent: Exploring Property Management

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Greg Brooks


Scaling Through Process Mapping


Joe Easton


Jan 15, 2023


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β€œThe company needed a smooth-talking sales guy, so I was dubbed that guy.” – Greg Brooks

β€œI’m big on new challenges. Jumping into an industry that I didn’t know anything about was one of them.” – Greg Brooks

β€œWe provide job opportunities to over 2000 team members in a country halfway around the world that has a completely different way of living than here in the US.” – Greg Brooks

β€œAt the end of the day, we’re talking about providing great resident experiences for our renters.” – Greg Brooks

β€œA lot of it comes down to the process and system around how I empower this talented, capable individual.” – Greg Brooks

β€œIf you don’t have a number associated with everything in your business, you can’t manage it.” – Greg Brooks

β€œOver eight years, we’ve worked with 750 plus clients.” – Greg Brooks

β€œWe give you a resource instead of you trying to figure it out. We’ll just do it for you. You get to leverage thousands of hours of this knowledge.” – Greg Brooks

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