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Surprise box goodness just arrived!


Eric Wright


November 12, 2021


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Celebrate good conversation – Kitcaster Team

When we really go together, we can do much more. – Eric Wright

Value a good relationship. – Eric Wright

Share your experience to inspire others. – Eric Wright

It’s a small world. We are deeply connected. – Eric Wright

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Surprise Box Goodness Just Arrived!

In this video titled “Surprise box goodness just arrived!”, Eric Wright reveals the “secret ingredients to a perfect BBQ” from a surprise box sent to him by the Kitcaster team.

While opening the box and appreciating each gift that’s inside, Eric talks about how the Kitcaster team has been there for him in his podcasting journey. There are a ton of great moments in this episode, but you’ll love to listen when he talks about how important it is to connect and build meaningful relationships with people.


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The secret ingredients to a perfect barbecue, a.k.a “surprise box”
  • Eric Wright’s partnership with Kitcaster & his appreciation to amazing people who helped him in his journey
  • How he values good relationships and conversations


Good Question & Answer 1:

What makes a good conversation good?

Eric Wright: Part of what makes a conversation as good is that you really, truly help people who are engaged and have stories to tell. I believe that everybody has a story to tell. However, it’s very different when you have people who have their early journey with learning how to go to the podcast world. People who know how to amplify their company and their personal voice. Celebrating good conversations is really about how you find everybody’s story because everybody has inside them.


Good Question & Answer 2:

What do podcasts teach you?

Eric Wright: One of the lists of things that podcast has taught me is that conversations can go in fantastic directions. I’m really amazed by all the different people that have been able to meet, all the different things I’ve learned. We really, truly found out that we are deeply connected together. 

And, if you go from one conversation to another, you can do these callbacks. Great examples are Sam Ovett; he’s really, really doing great stuff around marketing and animation. Josh and Sam are working together. They’ve got their own company, and they’re fantastic. Not too long after, I got another referral, a friend of Sam and Josh. We all hear about the entrepreneur organization (EO). It comes up all the time. By seeing the commonalities and seeing the stuff that connects us all together, it allows us to celebrate good conversations and realize that it’s a small world, and we could do more when we really go together.


Additional topics discussed:

  • Secret recipes to a good conversation
  • How Kitcaster connects people with great podcasters
  • Tips to get started in your journey


Host / Podcast Bio: 

Kitcaster is a group of passionate folks, excited by good conversation and giving back to the Denver community. Kitcaster teammates volunteer more than 300 hours annually at local nonprofits Project Angelheart and Same Cafe.

The company’s mission is primarily to celebrate good conversation. 

The team believes that there is no better way to gain authority within your target market than to make regular appearances on the kinds of well-respected podcasts your customers are already listening to. That’s why their role is to connect great people to great podcasters.


Guest Bio:

DiscoPosse is run by Eric Wright. He uses his nearly 20 years of experience in the tech industry in his role as a Systems Architect. During these many years of experience, he devoted 10+ years to BCP/DR design at an enterprise level. He also currently holds AWS Solutions Architect Associate, Turbonomic ACE, VMware VCP-DV, VCA-Cloud, VCA-DCV, and VCA-WM certifications, as well as a number of designations, including Novell CNA. 


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