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Dominic Kalms


Donate Now, Pay Later Explained by B Generous


George Weiner


Sep 8, 2022


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β€œWe’ve created the first-ever philanthropic credit product, which allows someone, instead of buying now and paying later, to donate now and pay later”- Dominic Kalms

β€œWe’re lending out a significant amount of capital to donors who want to support their nonprofits.”Dominic Kalms

β€œThe whole process happens instantaneously. The money is sent to the nonprofit immediately, and the nonprofit has access to those funds.”Dominic Kalms

β€œIt allows the donor to pay at their convenience, without stressing about their bank account.”Dominic Kalms

β€œLarge corporations offer the service simply because when you allow somebody to pay for something over time, people will spend more money.”Dominic Kalms

β€œThe number one reason that people find value in our product is simply that it is completely free for the donor.”Dominic Kalms

β€œWe took out the worst parts of buy now, pay later.”- Dominic Kalms

β€œI wanted to create a frictionless product for the nonprofits.”Dominic Kalms

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