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Dominic Kalms


Donate Now, Pay Later Explained by B Generous


George Weiner


Sep 8, 2022


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We’ve created the first-ever philanthropic credit product, which allows someone, instead of buying now and paying later, to donate now and pay later”- Dominic Kalms

We’re lending out a significant amount of capital to donors who want to support their nonprofits.”Dominic Kalms

“The whole process happens instantaneously. The money is sent to the nonprofit immediately, and the nonprofit has access to those funds.”Dominic Kalms

It allows the donor to pay at their convenience, without stressing about their bank account.”Dominic Kalms

Large corporations offer the service simply because when you allow somebody to pay for something over time, people will spend more money.”Dominic Kalms

The number one reason that people find value in our product is simply that it is completely free for the donor.”Dominic Kalms

We took out the worst parts of buy now, pay later.”- Dominic Kalms

I wanted to create a frictionless product for the nonprofits.”Dominic Kalms

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