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The Heart of Giving

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Dominic Kalms


Borrowing Interest-Free to Increase Charitable Donations


Art Taylor


July 5, 2022


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“I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur in some sense of the word, but I didn’t know the problem I wanted to solve.” – Dominic Kalms

“When I graduated from school, everybody went to work for Wall Street. I assumed that was what you were supposed to do. I went to work for Wall Street, and it was miserable.” – Dominic Kalms

“Through a strange series of events, I realized that I was passionate about understanding the problems in the world and trying to come up with solutions.” – Dominic Kalms

“I realized I could make a great living doing good in the world. To me, there’s nothing better than that.” – Dominic Kalms

“Some of the nonprofit platforms put a fee to the donor to give away money. I always thought that was a bad idea because you want to incentivize philanthropic giving.” – Dominic Kalms

“When you allow people to pay over time, the vast majority of people say, ‘Yeah, I can afford to pay this over time.’ So they’re willing to come out of pocket more.” – Dominic Kalms

“If a donor does not continue to pay, it does not affect the nonprofit because the nonprofit has already received that money. That’s one of the benefits of our product: the nonprofit is insulated against loss and risks.” – Dominic Kalms

“We have a fantastic hardship loan program. If somebody says, ‘I lost my job, it’s been hard for me’ or ‘the economy’s not good,’ we’ll work with them to get back on track.” – Dominic Kalms

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On this episode of The Heart of Giving, host Art Taylor speaks with philanthropist and founder Dominic Kalms. Dominic has made a name for himself in the nonprofit space. He recently created a “pay over time” donation option, “B Generous,” for nonprofits. This allows people to make small donations that add up over time and help fund projects that are important to them.

The two discuss how Dominic got into philanthropy and how he discovered his passion for helping others. Dominic has been a longtime advocate for nonprofits, and he shares his thoughts on how they can better engage their constituents.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How donations for non-profits are inconsistent
  • What actions help increase funding
  • The success of B Generous
  • How Dominic thrives when solving complex problems


Dominic Kalms shares insights on how most donations come in the last quarter of the year. This means companies are considering tax breaks during this time, and paying over time allows the non-profits to have funding immediately instead of waiting for this period.

Dominic discusses the patterns among those who donate, including higher credit and extra income. He also shares some tips for improving your giving habits, including ways to make sure you’re giving to a cause that matters to you.


Additional topics discussed:

  • How people donate to charities that are personal to them
  • Why “pay over time” increases the likelihood of donation
  • The expenses of starting and running a non-profit
  • Dominic’s future plans to help improve the world

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