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Dominic Kalms


The Intersection of Profit and Purpose with Dominic Kalms, Founder of BGenerous 


Shauna Armitage


Sep 27, 2022


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“I wasn’t just interested in making money. I was more interested in doing something positive for the world.” – Dominic Kalms

“I decided that if I wanted to affect change in some meaningful way, it wasn’t going to be in government because the wheels of government turn very slowly.” – Dominic Kalms

“The effect is when you allow someone to pay for something over time, and you do it for free, people will pay a lot more.” – Dominic Kalms

“Ultimately, the product kind of sells itself because it’s a no-brainer for nonprofits.” – Dominic Kalms

“Our messages to organizations are quite different, but they’ve been really effective.” – Dominic Kalms

“If I was to teach one lesson to people, it would be, you have to believe in yourself so much that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does.”  – Dominic Kalms

“Being a Startup Renegade means doing things non-conventionally.” – Dominic Kalms

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